The B&C Barcati-Carnielli & Partners law firm with headquarters in Treviso focuses on the assistance of customers in creating added value, supporting them dynamically and proactively right from the preventive stages of evaluating the business as well as verifying the validity of any judicial claims.


Born from the synergy and experience in different areas of his founding partners, the lawyer Jacopo Carlo Barcati, who has continued the activity of the studio present in Treviso for more than 50 years and founded by the lawyer. Giovanni Maria Barcati, both in the judicial litigation sector and in extrajudicial assistance, and Avv. Anna Carnielli with many years of experience in the shipping and transportation sector in which she also held roles of responsibility and prestige for the Taiwanese multinational in the sector, with frequent business trip abroad in charge of closing related to the launch of container ships, a professional with a strong orientation towards problem solving.


The Firm recognizes the importance and promotes the development of transversal and multidisciplinary knowledge in the sectors of reference in order to offer the customer a "tailor made" service. It benefits from a consolidated network of collaborations also abroad thanks to which it is able to offer assistance in emerging markets.


The Firm is the representative office of ACIM-Italian-Moldavian Chamber of Commerce for the Regions of Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia.

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