Banking and

                                       Financial Law

The B&C Barcati - Carnielli & Partners law firm deals with Banking Law matters in favor of businesses and individuals for matters concerning current account relationships, mortgages, leases, financial derivatives, financial investments, reports in the central credit register, providing both out-of-court and judicial assistance with the support of consultants from trusted part.

  • Current account reports: the balance of a current account indicated by the bank is not always correct, in fact it can be the result of incorrect debits, so that after evaluation of the documents held by the customer, contractual documentation and account statements requested by the bank, each individual position is evaluated and the most appropriate strategy is recommended.

  • Mortgages and leases: subject to acquisition and examination of the documentation provided by the customer, loan / lease contract and original and effective amortization plans, we highlight the possible existence of defects in the contract such as to justify a claim for repayment of interest illegally claimed and paid.

  • Mortgages indexed to foreign currencies: in the case of the stipulation of a loan contract also by private individuals for the purchase of the first home, which contain indexing clauses that entail the claim of substantial sums such as to abnormally increase the overall cost of the contract, consultancy is provided and assistance aimed at challenging the legitimacy of the clauses contained in these particular loan agreements.

  • Financial derivatives and financial investments: upon acquisition of the documentation in the possession of the customer, the opportunity to advance specific complaints regarding the placement of financial products is evaluated, which in some cases may have caused significant losses. In these hypotheses the Firm operates in collaboration with qualified consultants in finance.

  • Reports in the central credit: assistance is offered for problems arising from incorrect or illegitimate reports to the central credit regulator on the names of debtors capable of causing damage to reputation and deterioration of creditworthiness;

  • Cancellation payments in the execution phase: the Firm offers assistance for the definition by payment in writing of the credit claimed by the bank during the execution.

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