Maritime credit recovery arose in Africa in favor of client-company for services rendered to foreign shipowners. Case study and evaluation also of the seizure of the sister ship's fleet of the debtor.

Assistance to a local company in a judgment of repetition of bank debt promoted to closed account and relating to current account relationships and related technical accounts, at the outcome of the hearing of discussion held with remote connection, the request for repetition was accepted condemning the primary banking institution to return approximately € 600,000 plus interest, revaluation and expenses. The orientation is reiterated as in the absence of a post-2000 agreement, the anatocystic practice is illegitimate, as well as how the bank's liquidation schedules of competences have the function of illustrating to the account holder the detail of the charges and interests which are then taken into account. , i.e. annotated on the account and consequently proven that the data resulting in the liquidation schedules correspond to the data then reported in the account

The Brescia-based company TM, assisted by the Firm, realizes a complex project cargo on 2 Liebherr port cranes at the port of Belfast (in full lockdown)

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Companies must be on their guard without believing they are 'safe' ... "The Chamber of Commerce certificate on force majeure does not save from disputes" is the professional opinion of the B&C Barcati-Carnielli & Partners Law Firm of Treviso

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International contract in Morocco: judicial recovery of the credit relating to the supply and assistance in parallel cases with service providers.

Terminalista company assistance in revising service supply contracts. Review also of mandate to customs broker.

NVOCC (Non Vessel Operator Common Carrier

For international carriers, meetings and legal opinions in relation to the legal aspects of the NVOCC service also for America and China and the related transport documents and criteria-limits of liability.

Following a request for re-entry by a primary institution from an exhibition, the Firm filed a lawsuit before the Court of Treviso to ascertain the balance of the current account which was settled with the extinction of the debt as well as a contribution for legal fees supported by the customer.

E-commerce and distribution. Assistance in the creation of the sales network of leading companies in the reference sector in online sales and drafting of distribution agreements. Assistance in the management of distribution logistics and complaints.

Revision text of Bill of Lading (Bill of Lading) for a well-known company in the international transport sector.

Drafting of a standard customs mandate for a leading footwear company

War damage settlement for loss of ships in the Far East during the Second World War.


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Request for restitution of illegitimate charges in the course of a current account relationship with a banking institution and with the assistance of the firm, an agreement was reached with which the bank paid a large part of what was requested in order to abandon the case .

The customer against whom a credit institution put the house up for auction, after having contacted the Firm, obtained a few days before the auction already fixed the suspension of the executive procedure

Import of solar panels from Dubai with Taiwanese photovoltaic cells. Customs assessment and notice of correction for restatement of the value as well as application of anti-dumping duties. Thanks to the assistance of the Firm, the Monopolies and Customs Agency did not proceed with the enforcement of the customer's guarantee to guarantee the customs debt account

A company against which a competitor has filed a precautionary judgment aimed at inhibiting the production of a particular product line for alleged patent infringement, assisted by the Firm, has obtained the rejection of the precautionary application being able to continue production.

Customs seizure of containers with goods from China. Customer assistance for release and in criminal proceedings.

Lawsuit filed by the Firm before the Court of Milan against a primary banking institution with which the verification of the nullity of derivative contracts and the negative flows generated by the same was requested, which ended with a condemnation by the credit institution.

Loss of containers with high value goods destined for the Philippines. Assistance to the customer in the evaluation of the chain of responsibilities also in relation to the demurrages costs were to be eventually requested.

With the assistance of the study, a haulier obtained an executive injunction pursuant to art. 642 c.p.c. as part of a direct action of the sub-carrier for the payment of the consideration towards all those who ordered the transport

Out-of-court negotiation on behalf of a guarantor ended with the cancellation of the debt in addition to the repayment in favor of the main debtor of sums unduly paid by the bank.

Upon the outcome of an appeal to ABF by a customer of the consumer firm, the nullity of the indexing clause to the Swiss franc relating to the determination of the residual capital in the event of early repayment of a mortgage contract for the purchase of the first house.

The Court of Treviso authorizes the call into question of Banca Intesa s.p.a.

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