Family Law

The B&C Barcati - Carnielli & Partner Law Firm, offers assistance in matters concerning family law.


  • Separations 

In case of agreement, the spouses are accompanied in the process of separation, helping to identify the most suitable choices, including patrimonial and economic ones, to balance the reciprocal needs of the separandi and in the case of the presence of minor children to meet the primary needs and protection of the same. In the event of conflict, assistance is offered in the judicial separation to one of the spouses, favoring a path that can favor the conciliation and conversion of a judicial separation in consensus taking into account the costs, not only in economic terms, which the pending judgment implies and of negative repercussions on children that a high level of conflict between parents can entail.

  • Divorces

Recently with the reform implemented by the Legislator the law 6 May 2015, n. 55, it is possible to request a divorce after at least 6 months from the consensual separation and 12 months from the judicial separation. The B&C Barcati - Carnielli & Partner Law Firm offers assistance in initiating the procedure aimed at terminating the civil effects of the marriage, taking into account the specific needs of separated spouses with regard to the regulation of future relations with children and future assets as a result of divorce.


  • Factual cohabitation

Cohabitations are currently a significant phenomenon in that, even in the absence of a formal constraint, such as the marriage act, cohabitants behave like husband and wife and have common life and interests by providing each other with moral and material assistance. The B&C Barcati - Carnielli & Partner Law Firm offers assistance to de facto couples in cohabitation for the regulation of asset relations and in the delicate phase of termination of cohabitation even in the case of the presence of children for the regulation of relations between former cohabitants with regard to to children.

  • Review of the conditions of separation and divorce

The conditions of separation and divorce, both patrimonial (maintenance allowance) and regarding the children, can always be modified upon the occurrence of events that occurred, suitable for affecting the actual situation on the basis of which they were adopted. The conditions of separation may be subject to change following an agreement or the outcome of a litigation procedure. The B&C Barcati - Carnielli & Partner Law Firm offers advice and assistance to separated or divorced persons who are in a position to obtain a review of the conditions of separation or divorce.

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