National and

                                                    International Contracts

The B&C Barcati - Carnielli & Partners law firm, based on the specific needs of the customer, offers assistance and consultancy in the drafting of contracts both between private individuals and between companies. 

While large companies have an internal law firm, small and medium-sized companies, although they increasingly have the same daily needs as a qualified legal support, fail to sustain the cost.

The Firm also responds to this need by managing the service externally, also on the basis of an annual or multi-year collaboration contract and at a cost to the customer that is always previously agreed in writing.

Assistance in the negotiation of contracts is also offered in English in relation to specific commercial or corporate transactions, as well as in the drafting of distribution contracts, agency and assistance for both companies and individuals in the field of e-commerce.

Qualified assistance to condominium administrators in relation to the connected problems.

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